Below is important COVID-19 information for travelling to Canada and how COVID-19 will be managed at the event by ALL attending.  


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1. International travellers entering Canada

2. COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines and Recommendations for Teams





1. International travellers entering Canada

All international travellers coming to Calgary for the 2021 Snow Rodeo FIS Snowboard Slopestyle World Cup must abide by the Canadian Government’s entry into Canada requirements.  Please ensure that EVERY MEMBER of your team is aware of these requirements and the details within them. They are firm and strict with zero tolerance for non compliance. Below is a guide we put together for you to help you navigate the system to ensure you have an en easy experience with entering Canada. The info is relevant as of December 1 2021. Always check for the latest policy before your departure as things change quickly in a pandemic world.




2. COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines and Recommendations for Teams

Published: November 29, 2021 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Snow Rodeo FIS Snowboard Slopestyle World Cup at Calgary Olympic Park must take place under a strictly managed environment. In compliance with the International Ski Federation (FIS) as well as National and Local Health Authorities we will be following all health and safety measures that have been put in place. All measures outlined in this document are in accordance with the current regulations, last updated on November 15, 2021. The organizer reserves the right to make necessary changes, which will be implemented immediately. All information in this document is to be shared with all team members, FIS officials and employees registered for this event prior to your arrival in Canada.

All communications regarding COVID-19 protocol should be directed to  COVID-19 Coordinator: 905-999-3132


General Prevention and Mitigation Guidelines


  • Take responsibility for your own actions 
  • Masks required at all times on hill and inside the host hotel
  • Practice social distancing at all times including chairlift lines, on snow and during competition
  • Wash hands or sanitize often
  • Avoid use of public facilities and transportation when possible
  • Use athlete/participant designated facilities (restrooms, staging areas, lift lines, etc.)
  • Team Captains meetings will be held virtually
  • For more information on FIS World Cup prevention guidelines and testing protocol refer to the FIS Covid-19 Information hub
  • If you are feeling unwell and/or showing COVID-19 symptoms please immediately inform the LOC by calling the COVID-19 coordinator. You can reach this number daily between 7:00 to 23:00 until your departure.


Hosting Venues Guidelines


Our hosting partners each have their own COVID-19 guidelines as noted below.  Each participant is responsible for adhering to these guidelines. 


  • All of Winsport Canada Olympic Park and The Hyatt Downtown Calgary COVID-19 protocols need to be adhered to
  • All of the Alberta's COVID-19 Public Health Actions need to be adhered to
  • Athletes, Coaches & Support Staff should refrain from using the daylodge at Winsport Canada Olympic Park
  • Athletes, Coaches & Support Staff will be required to show accreditation and wrist band in order to have access to the hotel restaurant and buffet areas
  • It is important that accredited zone seating arrangements are followed in all buffet areas
  • Athletes, Coaches & Support Staff will be required to show accreditation in order to get access to all out of the room hotel amenities


Prior to Arrival in Calgary

Detailed information for the important points below can be found at


  • Must be fully vaccinated with a Canadian approved vaccine or a series of Canadian approved vaccines.
    • Proof of vaccination must be in a text format: paper copy or electronic copy (QR Codes are not accepted). It MUST be translated to English or French. 
    • If you have recovered from COVID-19 you are still required to be fully vaccinated with a Canadian approved vaccine or a series of Canadian approved vaccines in order to enter Canada without having to quarantine
    • Everyone 18+ must be able to provide photo ID in addition to proof of Canadian approved vaccination. 


  • 72 hrs prior to official arrival to the event 
    • receive a negative PCR COVID-19 test and upload to FIS Passport.
    • complete the ArriveCan app, failure to complete the ArrivaCAN application will result in denied entry to Canada
    • In the event of a connecting flight the PCR test must take place within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time of your last direct flight to Canada. Arrange for a PCR test in your transit city if necessary.


  • Upload vaccination status to the FIS passport no later than December 19, 2021.


  • Have a quarantine plan prepared in case you are asked upon arrival in Canada. See link for more information


  • As of November 30, 2021 the Canadian government has announced that the implementation of mandatory arrival testing to Canada may begin any time. This means all international travellers (with the exception of those coming from the US) will require a PCR test upon arrival at the airport in addition to the instructions outlined above. Once your test is complete you will need to self isolate at your accommodation until you receive a negative test result, please allow a minimum of 24 hours to receive test results. We will continue to monitor the situation and will communicate updates as we receive them. Please refer to the Government of Canada's website for more information.


  • If the implementation of mandatory arrival testing outlined above does not come into effect, Canadian Border Control may select you for a random COVID-19 test upon arrival into Canada. (If you are selected at the airport for randomized testing you are NOT required to quarantine while waiting for your results.)


While in Calgary


  • When traveling from airport to host hotel then to host competition venue refrain from  stopping along the way between host hotel and competition venue unless for essentials like gas and food. 


  • Daily all individuals are required to complete a screening questionnaire prior to each site and hotel presence between 4:00am-7:00am. Log in to the FIS Passport System to complete.
    • Once complete you will have one of the follow results
    • Pass: No symptoms; the person can access the site. 
    • Fail: The participant has failed the questionnaire and must contact the COVID-19 Coordinator as soon as possible for further instructions


  • Stay in allocated and marked zones for teams (red zone). In shared zones, for example with media, please wear a face mask if safe distancing can’t be maintained. 


  • Avoid direct contact with other teams 


  • Sit only with team members in team hospitality areas


Testing While in Calgary


  • Testing during the event and outbound travel testing has been arranged through Varsity Medical & Wellness. Please ensure you are aware of your next destination's entry to country requirements prior to booking your outbound test


  • If a test is required during the event contact the COVID coordinator to arrange an onsite PCR test


  • Outbound testing will be available onsite at the Hyatt Regency Calgary starting Dec 30,2021 through until Jan 3,2022. Please be prepared to receive your test results within 24 hours. Individuals/teams will be responsible for covering the $140 +GST cost per test at time of booking. Accepted methods of payment include interac or credit. Please book online 48 hours in advance to secure your 10 minute test slot with Varsity Medical.
    • If you require a negative rapid test within a few hours of your flight in addition to a PCR test you can also book your test with Varsity Medical (please ensure you book carefully to ensure you are booking the correct test)


  • Rapid testing available on call through Varsity Medical for $40 +GST at the host hotel. Contact the COVID coordinator to arrange a rapid test.


PCR Testing Facilities in Calgary


Varsity Medical & Wellness

8 Varsity Estates Cir NW 2nd Floor B, Calgary, AB T3A 2Z3


CVM Medical 

575 Palmer Rd NE Suite# 252, Calgary, AB T2E 7G4


FIS Passport Registration    


  • All participants must have registered with the FIS Passport system and upload vaccination status by December 19, 2021.
  • As per FIS World Cup guidelines all participants must have registered for the FIS passport, provided vaccination status, uploaded proof of a negative test within 72 hours of travel to Canada and completed the pre arrival health questionnaire.
  • It is expected that all functional groups and persons make their own arrangements to have an up-to-date PCR test result on arrival at the Event.
  • Register for the FIS passport system using this link:
  • Access Code: FIS2022
  • Access the FIS Passport User Guide using this link: 


Note: Contact P19fhccbeg@svffxv.pbz with any questions about the FIS Passport system 


Accreditation Pickup

  • Only after presentation, examination, and documentation (of the above-mentioned documents) will the accreditations be handed over to the team captain  or a person appointed in advance. 


  • Only one Team Captain or one responsible person to present negative test certificates & waivers & pick up credentials etc. collectively for all team members, in order to avoid unnecessary contacts. 


  • Pre event health questionnaire must be complete via the FIS Passport system prior to accreditation being handed over followed by daily health screening via the FIS Passport system



COVID-19 Symptoms and Communication


  • If a team member becomes ill or begins showing any symptoms or COVID-19 immediately inform the LOC by calling the covid coordinator. You can reach this number daily between 7:00 to 23:00 from your time of arrival until your departure.  The LOC will provide information for the next steps.


  • If there is a suspected case of COVID-19 immediately inform the LOC by calling the covid coordinator. The LOC will determine the quarantine measures and arrange for onsite testing.


  • In case of a positive COVID-19 test result immediately inform the LOC by calling the covid coordinator who will inform the Chief Medical Officer. Local health authorities will be notified and the necessary medical and mental support will be provided.



COVID-19 Contact Information

COVID-19 Coordinator Candice Hurley 905-999-3132
Chief Medical Officer TBD TBD TBD
My Health Alberta 819


General Contact Information 

Event Principle Lead Roberto Montanes 778-855-3755
Event Lead Melanie Weber 226-808-6770
Competition Venue Contact Mike Tanner 403-371-9679
Event Logistics Scott McKnight fpbggzpxavtug@serrfglyrfxv.pbz 403-612-9074
Event Administration Emily Weber 519-591-2831
Television / Broadcast Brendan Mathews 778-350-7694
Media Relations Rich Hegarty 604-966-7230




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