Field Level VIP

Field Level VIP provides an up-close and personal view of all the action, no assigned seat required – watch for flying snowboarders! You’ll be able to take in the snowboarding prowess of the best in the world, right in front of your eyes. Our Field Level VIP’s have access to two concourse bar venues to warm up in. The Quarterback Club and The Jackie Parker Room – both holding up to 200 people - offer large, indoor heated bar spaces with big screen TVs. Miss out on frozen fingers, not stylish tricks. You’ll also be near all the bars and food service options on field level. This is the ticket for you if you’re interested in high-fives with your favourite riders and potential screentime on the jumbotron.  

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  • Location: VIP Section
  • Access to: 
    • An up-close and personal view of action
    • Private bar area(s) on field level 
    • Indoor club area(s) on concourse level
    • The Jackie Parker Room (Capacity: 200 people)
    • The Quarterback Club (Capacity: 200 people)
    • Heated tent access (if applicable)
  • Price: $65 + tax & fees



Jackie Parker Room

Quarterback Club Room

Rooftop Patio

Canadian Club Patio


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