How to manage the potential cold weather ?
Be smart, December is a less unpredictable month and despite many areas to warm up, we invite you to dress warmly. Fluorescent clothing is strongly encouraged, even recommended, be extravagant, be stylish but above all, be warmly dressed.

Is there more than a snowboard competition?

Yes! The snowboard Big Air competition is the central element of The Style Experience, but not the only element. It’s a chance to experience the city of Edmonton in a never-before-seen environment. It’ll be a party celebrating style – with zones for family groups, and for adult fun – with music, dancing, food, and drink. Our presenting partners, Toyota and Swatch, alongside event sponsors Red Bull and Li-Ning, bring a world of possibility to what The Style Experience will offer. Stay tuned to #shredthenorth for all things The Style Experience.


Is it kid friendly?
Definitely! This will probably be one of the best experiences of their lives, a high adrenaline show plus snow activation specifically for kids and who knows, the chance to meet the best snowboarders in the world in person. 


Will it be a good family experience?
The majority of the organizers of the event are all old snowboarders who are still passionate about snowboarding, but above all, who have children and this event has been designed with this in mind. From outdoor activities for the kids to have fun, to adult refreshments and local vendors, there will be plenty of surprises to keep the whole family entertained, not to mention the biggest snowboard contest ever produced in Canada.


Will there be food & drinks?
Of course, a well-fed body is a happy body. Warm drinks, cold beers and delicious meals will be available on site.


What’s a Big Air Event? 
Big air snowboarding  is a high-injury-risk sports discipline where the competitor rides a snowboard down a hill or ramp and performs aerial tricks after launching off very large jumps. In most versions, there is one large jump and therefore only one opportunity to perform a trick. It is an extreme version of slopestyle. Competitors perform complex tricks in the air, aiming to attain sizable height and distance as well, all while making every effort to secure a clean landing. The big air competition provides loads of entertainment for both the riders and the audience and is  a fun way to showcase the best of what snowboarding has to offer. 


I don’t care about snowboarding. What is there for me?
Whether you are interested in snowboarding or not, Big Air is without a doubt one of the most impressive disciplines. If you don't like snowboarding, we are sure that your opinion will change after seeing this show. And if you are not interested at ALL in the competition, we are sure that the side activities and the incredible party vibe in the stadium will be just as enjoyable.


I don’t know anything about snowboarding. Will I be able to follow it and enjoy it?
Here’s what you need to know :Athletes are scored on their best single jump in the qualification round. In the final, they are scored on their best two jumps out of three but those must be different in rotation or direction.

A panel of six judges scores the athletes’ tricks, with the highest and lowest scores being dropped, based on amplitude, difficulty, progression, execution and landing.

If you think you have a difficult time deciphering how many flips and spins athletes are doing, you are not alone. Big air features the sports’ most impressive trick and even if you don't know much about the sport, chances are high that you will be flabbergasted by the incredible tricks they are throwing down.


Is there a cheap way for me to experience it?
The tickets are already really cheap, but if you are saving your money for the upcoming winter season in order to ride as much as possible, we recommend you to stay tuned for the multiple contests that are going down in the next few weeks.


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